Photography Is Our Passion

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Like many parents with children I bought a camera to capture those special moments that we could look at later in life and recall the memories that were created. As time  went on I kept trying to figure out how photographers were able to capture such great photos. I decided it was time to dig deeper into the world of photography as it had become a true passion for myself and I was able to spend time learning together with my son Joshua. Since then we have been able to share our passion for photography with others. We have traveled countless miles and spend hours learning and photographing people, sporting events, sunsets and the beauty of nature. Through this leaning process the time we have spent together is time that we both treasure. I believe a photo should tell you a story, and that is always the goal every time we press the shutter! We capture the peak action of a game, the soul of a person through their eyes and the beauty of nature and we capture these moments  for someone to hear a story while looking at our work with no words spoken.

The sessions we offer range from seniors, weddings, family, events and sports to name a few. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding all your photo needs.

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